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Silent Violence

from Patches by The Weber Brothers

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James McKenty was just getting his new studio up and running....he hadn't recorded a full band in there yet. We contacted him right around this time and told him we had a tune we wanted to record. He was concerned somewhat about recording full bands there because of his neighbours and the noise level. He wanted to give it a try and hope for the best. We brought our 6 piece band in....he got us all set up. I don't think he had heard the tune yet. He positioned himself at the controls, the way he's set up in there his back is turned to face his mixing board when you are recording. He said, "ok we're all good to go....whenever you're ready" and he turned around. We launched into this song and played it straight through, 1 take....it was ferocious, loud, power....just like it sounds. I remember we did the sharp cut ending, and James slowly spinned around in his swivel chair to face us. The look on his face....priceless.

It was a good one to gauge his neighbours reaction on to be sure. He is recording full bands in there all the time now.


Silent Violence

Tight lip tight grip
Make him do a backflip

Cold eyed cold shoulder
Man he's looking so much older

Tiptoeing around you so he don't have to talk to you
'Cause every time he talks to you it seems to him he bothers you

Stands at the door
Stares at the floor

He better sit down, shut up
Let you do your makeup

Don't talk, don't speak
Only makes you sound weak

Hands up in exasperation only adds to your frustration
Cannot meet your expectation don't deserve an explanation

Can't speak to him
Could hear a pin

Silent violence, silent violence, silent violence, silent violence

Insults, ridicule
Always made to feel the fool

Consumed, dread and doom
Little Joe sits in his room

Pointed at, laughed at, perpetually outcast
Push him 'til his brain so twisted finds a way he knows they'll listen

Nothin' to lose
Got his face on the news

And here's the white hat diplomat
Tells you where the problem's at

His fault, your fault
Laid out like the gospel fact

Half his listeners tip their hats the other half start waving bats
His commentary's falling flat on ears eager to fire back

Open your eyes
Storm on the rise

They said it's bullshit untrue
Convoluted point of view

Take the bait, feel the hate
Sprouting up inside of you

Type fast, verbal blast, you got to get the word in last
Raise your hand to make a fist your daughter's tugging at your wrist

Youth's fragile mind
Absorbs all the time

Silent violence, silent violence, silent violence, silent violence

This way that way
Everything in disarray

Watch your mouth, what you say
Who's side are you on anyway

Narrow minded short sight pigheaded parasitic critics
Neurotic psychotic products of prolific hypocritics

Smiling so sweet
Blood at their feet

They put their post up, comment
Splash it on the internet

Concrete cement
Step out of line look what you get

Blood let rivulet, setting up the parapet
Foiled from the outset cause everyday is judgement

Laid down on you
Since you were two

But on the news feed, need to bleed
Suffering and heartless greed

Back and forth, page to page
Petrol on your inner rage

Fear this, doubt that, stand clear, stay back
From everywhere they've got you snookered, hotter than a pressure cooker

See the divide
Burning inside

Silent violence, silent violence, silent violence, silent violence

Meanwhile on the street
Hotter than the summer heat

Tension ninety-eight degrees
Tired of being on their knees

Held down kept down, shown that they don't have a voice
Know your place cold case you don't have any other choice

Passive abuse
Shortens the fuse

And it's so tense, so dense
Anything could set it off

Payback from way back
It's ready for the take off

Blackjack dealer deal the cards it's retribution swift and hard
Call the mayor, call the bard, put a call into the national guard

Prime to ignite
Who's got a light?

Gun blast whistle blown
Streets look like a war zone

Stay home, close your eyes
Why you lookin' so surprised?

Clingin' to your four leaf clover now that shit is boiling over
Best to run and take some cover, let you know when this blows over

What is all this?
All of this started with

Silent violence, silent violence, silent violence, silent violence



from Patches, released November 30, 2017
Ryan Weber - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Sam Weber - Vocals, Baritone Guitar
Rico Browne - Vocals, Bass
Marcus Browne - Vocals, Drums
Emily Burgess - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Prufrock Shadowrunner - Vocals, Percussion, Turntables


all rights reserved



The Weber Brothers Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

There are bands for which rock and roll is a lifestyle, and then there are bands for which it is life.

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